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Parade Info There's nothing better than a Shrine Parade, so bring the kids and have some fun with us.

I've put together some tidbits about the Pote's Call (parades that our potentate absolutely wants everyone to show) parades. The Crier tells you how to get there and where the Afterglow (an after party with food and drinks for the nobles and their ladies as a thank you for participating) is located, but I've put together some additional information of other things going on at the parade venue.

Everyone at Antioch hopes that you will come with your families and support us. If you are new - this is a great way to see the different units in action and decide which one you would like to join. We have our purpose of supporting our Shriner's Hospitals, but here is where we can get the word out to the community as well as have tons of fun along the way. If you have any questions please send me an Email: jjamie6636@aol.com

email:jjamie6636@aol.com Hope to see you soon - I'm of the Divan ladies having a great time! Some ladies carpool up to the parade meeting areas mentioned in my article, but we also will have the Angel Van available for those who want a ride. The ladies gather by the van at the staging area and we will take as many trips as needed to get you all there!

Carol Jamieson, Lady of Antioch's Recorder
Nov 24, 2017
Non-Pote's call
Dayton Children's Parade

Kick off the Christmas season with this one. Santa arrives officially in the Dayton area at this parade. Watch the weather forecast because it can be a cold one or 60 degrees - you never know because we are in Ohio. There will be food and drinks at Antioch before and after the parade, so get in the spirit of the holidays and join us for this one..

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