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Parade Info There's nothing better than a Shrine Parade, so bring the kids and have some fun with us.

I've put together some tidbits about the Pote's Call (parades that our potentate absolutely wants everyone to show) parades. The Crier tells you how to get there and where the Afterglow (an after party with food and drinks for the nobles and their ladies as a thank you for participating) is located, but I've put together some additional information of other things going on at the parade venue.

Everyone at Antioch hopes that you will come with your families and support us. If you are new - this is a great way to see the different units in action and decide which one you would like to join. We have our purpose of supporting our Shriner's Hospitals, but here is where we can get the word out to the community as well as have tons of fun along the way. If you have any questions please send me an Email: jjamie6636@aol.com

email:jjamie6636@aol.com Hope to see you soon - I'm of the Divan ladies having a great time! Some ladies carpool up to the parade meeting areas mentioned in my article, but we also will have the Angel Van available for those who want a ride. The ladies gather by the van at the staging area and we will take as many trips as needed to get you all there!

Carol Jamieson, Lady of Antioch's Recorder
Aug 12, 2017
Pote's call
Englewood Parade

Report 7:45AM Be ready to leave Staging area no later than 8:15-8:30AM The Parade steps off at 9:00AM.

This event begins with the 5k race Saturday at 8 a.m. followed by the parade. The ladies will meet by the Dairy Queen across from Centennial Park. So after the parade and afterglow, you could come back to the park and enjoy the musical entertainment, artisan booths and delicious food. Those festivities don't start till after the parade. Visit the city of Englewood's website for more information.
Check out the city of Englewood's website for more information.
Sept 04, 2017
Pote's call
Kettering Holiday at Home Labor Day Parade

The Holiday at Home parade and festival is a great way for the family to enjoy the ending of the summer activities together. It will have entertainment, arts and crafts, children's activities, great food, and more for everyone. This year the theme is "This Ain't Our First Rodeo-Saddle Up", so all you city slickers, cowboys and cowgirls come have some fun! In fact, it's their 58th Rodeo(Parade) - they know how to do it right. The ladies have been gathering at the corner of Stroop and Far Hills. A short walk from the staging area. After the parade go up to Lincoln Park to view the car show and visit all the craft booths.
Sept 07, 2017
Pote's call
St. Paris Pony Wagon Days Parade

Report to St. Paris, Ohio no later than 5:30 PM. The Parade steps off at 6:30PM.

The parade on a Thursday night is one of the highlights of Pony Wagon Days!
Traditionally, the Pony Wagon Days Festival parade has a wide assortment of 4-H horse and dog clubs, Soccer teams, football teams, cheerleaders, and of course, The Dancing Band from Falcon land. There will also be horse teams, tractors, vintage cars, the Shriners and fire trucks! Bring your lawn chair and enjoy. The highlight of this parade is the Afterglow. It is at Bud Parson's Party Barn. Don't worry signs will point you in the right direction- just follow the line of Shriner's heading on over after the parade.
Visit www.ponywagondays.com for more information.
Sep 16, 2017
Pote's call
Great Lakes Shrine Association Parade

Each year the Great Lakes Shrine Association (all the Shrine Temples that touch the Great Lakes) have their district meeting. It varies as to location, but this year it is in Springfield, Illinois. There is a Mini Marketplace showcasing Shrine merchandise (shirts, pins, belt buckles, hats, etc.) as well as ladies' jewelry and watches, clown accessories and much more. There will be Unit competitions. The GLSA Parade is on September 16th. It is similar to the Imperial Parade, in that it has Shrine Units from all the Temples in the Great Lakes area. It is always a good time.
Visit GLSA Website for all the details. Click on the 2017 Fall Session tab to see the schedule of daily events. Antioch will not have any rooms reserved - if you want to go to this event check the website.
Sept 16, 2017
Pote's call
Preble County "Pork Festival" Parade

This is a first-time parade for me. But everything I've read online says that this will be a great time. Food, food and more food! The best pork chops and pulled pork and ham sandwiches or breakfast pancakes and sausage in the region. Additionally, they have over 350 arts and crafts vendors. Sounds like you don't want to miss this one.

Click here for Website Details

Sep 23, 2015
Pote's call
Urbana Parade

Report to the Champaign County Fairgrounds in Urbana, Ohio (384 Park Ave.) no later than 10:15AM The Parade steps off at 12:00PM

This parade starts in downtown Urbana and ends at the Champaign County Fairgrounds. There will be many shops open downtown with sidewalk sales and a farmers market to satisfy your shopping urge if you are so inclined. Pam Spellman always hosts the ladies to watch the parade from her home. The Angel Van can take you there or watch from the end of the road leading to the fairgrounds. The afterglow is put on by the Champaign Co. Shrine Club and they do a wonderful job. If you want a fabulous slice of pie - visit the Urbana Airport Cafe after the afterglow. I recommend the butterscotch! On the way out of town there is a great craft mini mall that sells scrapbooking supplies and beading supplies. Hope to see you at this one.
Sept 30, 2017
Pote's call
Heritage of Flight Festival Parade, New Carlisle, OH

You can spend the day with all of the activities going on at this festival. They have things going on Friday, Saturday and Sunday so if you live close - go for it! There will be street vendors and carnival rides and games on Main Street. Look to the sky at 10:45 to see the parachute jumpers, then, the parade starts at 11:00. The ladies usually sit at the corner of Lake and Adams St. at the New Carlisle parade because this is right by the afterglow. Parking for all of the vehicles is on Adams St., so just walk to the end of the street to put down your chair. At the afterglow you can visit the Honeycreek Fire Museum. It's a great little museum with all kinds of fire memorabilia. They usually have a little band there at the afterglow for our entertainment, so it's a great addition to the parade season.

Check out the website for the schedule of events. You'll really enjoy this one.

Oct 01, 2017
Pote's call
Minster Parade, Minster, OH

Report no later than 1:00PM The Parade steps off at 2:00PM.

Wow this is a great one. Oktoberfest is in full tilt in the city of Minster for the weekend. Great food and crafts and one of the best parades of the season. Come early and walk around the food and craft booths, then come watch the beautiful horses, floats and marching groups that will be in this wonderful parade.
Check out the website Antioch Parades
Nov 24, 2017
Pote's call
Dayton Children's Parade

Kick off the Christmas season with this one. Santa arrives officially in the Dayton area at this parade. Watch the weather forecast because it can be a cold one or 60 degrees - you never know because we are in Ohio. There will be food and drinks at Antioch before and after the parade, so get in the spirit of the holidays and join us for this one..

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